Underground News
Posted by Moebius on 15-10-2012

We're still alive... underneath all the antiquated material and derelict content here on the main website, we are still very much alive and active in our forums.

The only reason that none of the stuff on our front page has been updated is simply because I have forgotten how to update it all. The engine isn't broken, but the person responsible for keeping it running is a bit worn down and in need of rejuvenation.

Not to worry, we are still churning out Dystopian stuff, so please do drop in on our forums to see and read about the latest developments and newest releases.

Forum News
Posted by Supreme Chancellor Moebius on 08-03-2009

Excellent news for all the forum regulars at Team-Dystopia!

We've upgraded our forum engine to the new phpBB version and it has virtually wiped out all our spambot problems. So you can enjoy browsing our forums without the threat of any unwanted or annoying spam posts that have nothing to do with Dystopia.

We have also added on several newer features and a couple of new forum categories. We've created the Dystopia Exchange forum where anyone can share their Dystopia related meshes with everyone else, and we've evolved the Dystopia Treasury forum into an area exclusively reserved for the forum regulars who participate.

We've trimmed down the populace of Dystopia (all the spambot accounts are now gone) and now have almost a thousand members. Sadly less than 15% are active and the rest are lurkers. Not that we have anything against them, but it would be even better to get a modicum of participation once in a while.

We're also working on revamping this site yet again. As you all might have noticed, these news items move pretty slowly, because we're busy working on actual content rather than just talking about them. That's not a valid excuse though, so we're trying to find a way to make the main site at least half as interesting as our forums.

"Eventually" is the timetable on that upgrade.

For all of the news: view the News Archive.
City Blocks 091-100 (Poser)

City Blocks 091-100 for Poser
City Blocks 081-090 (Poser)

City Blocks 081-090 for Poser
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City Blocks 071-080 for Poser
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