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I hope they have parted friends. So all in all. Tumblr miami nude. Now that would be very sad to hear. They broke up, so she probably removed any pics with him, if there were any.

Is it because of the multiple selfies he and his friends have posted of the same parties? There are now photos of Luke and Mica at the Soho Farmhouse event this weekend. Alejandra alonso nude. Jon was way out of Luke's league. I don't understand what Clement says but at the end he calls Jon asshole or something like that, as a joke obviously.

Instalove is just a generic hashtag people use. He also seems a lot less open than Jon. Do you think they hooked up? Some people rememberbut i don'tso it's confusing! R I think she isn't Casanova, she's also Carolina. R - you sound like a lovesick schoolgurl. Naked and wet girls. R, not R but i think that poster means that there is no mention of a new BFand so they speculate whether LE will get back together with Jon.

R, i don't think the above post is Carlathat person did the exact same thing on LE threadsigned as Carla when in fact it's a troll. R - The big news: Good for them and I hope they can find their happiness without useless interference - I'm happy that they're taking it lightly. Your comments are really over-the-top and I find them offensive.

Jon traveling to Puglia - Italia. The comments are about the girl and Jon. R, yep pretty much!! Best summer vackay ever. And no, I don't know LE so hate is a strong word. I don't think he would be there unless it's as a guest in an event. Luke looks scared and unsure of who he wants to be.

They may not align with the readers POV. Who wouldn't like pics of Jon. We all want Jon to be happy and have fun but even I have to admit that the Puglia party was an example of oversharing and overexposure. Extreme lesbian punishment. You won't be able to block me this time like five weeks ago - stop insulting Bassave!!!

I wish i could answer! Yeah R that's what trolls do. I think Jon is being smart, he's showing us who he is without showing too much, and he's still a fairly private person, so people really can't say that he's a famewhore.

The story is not completely baseless i think. Some comments are confusing!

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I don't know what lunatics believe in it. Eat your own cum tumblr. One of the ' so called ' friends of hers was the guy at R R, i know it's from a different eventi'm just confirming that they know each other.

I don't get what the woman says. Yes Jon is following jacoooll. If you look closely the two guys on their left are jacoooll business partner and his BF. R I bow to you. Barbara Guillaume liked this pic R Was Clenent at the party? First miguel angel and now clement R This was from before at a different event but I think we might see a repeat in Puglia.

Jon and clement last night. It was his voice and he had French accent. R, Jon posted a pic which was cut at the bottom and Clement couldn't be seenso i found R especially for you. Alejandra alonso nude. R and R - Jeez, Ezra. Sexy tamil xxx. And we are so happy that they do R Why are you so defensive about it?

I just hear the "cabron" part bastard or asshole in English?? I don't understand what Clement says but at the end he calls Jon asshole or something like that, as a joke obviously. Clement could be bi. It was essentially over then according even to most people here so Luke wooing another dude wasn't that big a deal.

I hope he stays as far away of the cheating bastard as possible. In the former time, someone of you called Jon is a drama queen. Sorry did someone mention the lovely Clement?? Luke was completely outclassed by Jon.

Can someone please confirm if Jon is still following him? The Basques are very guarded yes, but friendly. I think he's just goofing around.

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R, you did not write Runless you are using two different devices you're not the same poster! Him and Thierry Mugler fucked each other on more than one occasion. Joseph gordon levitt nude photos. Feed them and they stay. Interesting that Beck has not been with Juan for past week, he's been hanging out with Jon at these events.

He probably doesn't want sea water to get on it. God what an insanely gorgeous man. I used to know and fuck 2 male models who worked during 80's and they told me Valentino Garavani and late Gianni Versace used to invite the male models to their penthouses for some serious muscle worshiping and fucking. I know i shouldn'tbut i can't help it! I'm just wondering if it's the same person who created the previous IG account that was taken down.

Thank you for the added goodness that is Clement and can I dare ask is there more gorgeous photos of Jon and Clement inside of said issue?? That boat has long passed. Oh sorry, it just changed the name not deleted.

Who cares Rlet him look at fugly's ugly face day in and day out! One big party after another!

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I said earlier that I can't prove that; he is serious husband material and Jon knows it. Jon is thanking her for being such a great and loyal beard for so long! Maybe Clem is on his way because he wasn't there last night. Hot naked katara. Ez, Giampaolo and his partner make an even hotter pair tbh. So my guess is we won't be getting a lot of pictures feom ibiza and clement. Nightmare on elm street parody You never know though, marriage and kids mean nothing. Everyone knows the story of that photographer guy in Luke's thread, right?

Yes, Jon is the hottest gay man in existence. R is probably righti think Jon walked out of that relationship. Holy shit, pure hotness! It's that liar cheater famewhore SOB Luke's fault.

R Do you or others know the significance of Jon's bracelet?

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