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Here is the e-mail address for Jackson Medical: Anjali Ramkissoon, apparently drunk after a night out on the town, has been "removed from all clinical duties. Indian aunty sexy back. Wednesday, January 27th, was a big day for Anjali Ramkissoon. She is an incredibly manipulative psychopath who will literally say or do anything to get what she wants.

Every medical resident knows very well that they are expected to never engage in any criminal activity of any kind, otherwise they will loose their positon in the program. It is also conceded that her assault of the Uber driver was a far cry from this said higher standard. Anjali ramkissoon nude. I thought those were her actual photos that people picked up from her Facebook or Instagram. The driver appears to be calm as best as he can fighting off the girl. If the victim had pressed charges and a suitable punishment levied on her, no I wouldn't have a problem.

Kind of wish she was my sexy doctor. This site uses cookies. From his accent, I'd say he's an immigrant, and instead of being out partying at night, he was working hard, earning an honest living and undoubtedly providing great Uber customer service.

Its not Reddits job to get her fired to satisfy their sense of collective outrage. Carol needham nude. Truly, these remarks depict nothing more than how women have, historically, been subjugated, conquered, and humiliated—through threats and violations of our sexual sanctity. Anjali Ramkissoon is feeling loved. Notify me of new comments via email. She has some making up to do in the near future. The mob will get them as well.

It doesn't excuse her behavior and we can still laugh and make jokes. Had she not and received fair punishment the reactions wouldn't be the same. Hours later, that video was posted to reddit and went viral. Design In terms of the looks, we could not help but notice how much the Freedom resemble the iPhone 4s from the front.

Do we need some type of laws that protect people's jobs and livelihood from mob justice? It's mob justice gone wrong again. Anjali Ramkissoon after being invited to go out for Indian food. Sharing her images, photoshopping her topless, forcing her to close all her social media accounts. Naked pussy fingering. The Uber driver decided to take some money rather than press charges. You can watch that full interview below: All of us know that mob justice in the physical world is brutal - thieves are lynched and murderers killed, etc.

She deserves a night in jail and charges for drunkenness, assault, and property damage. And yes, I agree that internet justice is currently not healthy and we need to change ourselves.

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Potter, no one ever quite believes that they will go to Azkaban, so they see no harm in it for themselves.

Why do you ask this question? In full view of a video camera she bullied him and mocked him for being powerless to stop it. Anjali Ramkissoon is meeting my love. To love ru darkness gif. Who would benefit from aiding them? Miami DOCTOR, 30, is suspended after being named as the Uber passenger filmed attacking driver and trashing his car in amazing tantrum video that went viral.

I'm coming at this as a doctor, I know damn well that if I commit a crime like assault or theftthat my licence and career are jeopardy. After a couple of minutes of the driver pretending to talk to the cops im assuming he was pretending because they never showed up at firstthe girl decides to reach into the front seat, grab his keys, and start walking away with his keys in her hands…. Barry University, Miami, Florida M. She wants to keep her medical license, every patient should be given an electronic disclosure form that can't be signed until the video is shown in full.

Sunday, February 21 The police finally showed up after this video ends. Lets show the truth? What's been the feedback through e-mail? I didn't even know they did this. This poor girl would have been better off if she got arrested and was seen being dragged in handcuffs.

I couldn't understand what you meant by this. Anjali ramkissoon nude. Dishing out mass shame and internet justice is not healthy for Reddit to do and is not justice at all. Xxx comics milf. George's University, Grenada Caribbean nation of Grenada. Epilepsy team members are, from left, Maru Palomeque, R. The internet never forgets, so how can we keep our freedom and liberty but protect ourselves from internet mob justice?

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You can watch that full interview below:. Otherwise the net change is negative. People's rage is endless. The internet only amplifies its effects. Leah pipes nude pics. I agree that if it was a man doing this he would've been prosecuted even if the driver didn't want it.

Thax evryone for such luscious comments, i read them n feel powered. My saying that she deserves to be scared straight or put on probation is not a recommendation but a way of telling people that statements which rule that she deserves losing her job are overkill.

They are held to a high standard of expectations, particularly doctors in training. This dog is paralyzed by morphine after she kicked three of his ribs in because he wouldn't give up his ball. She will overcome this and be a better person for it. Get away from her. I drink often, and somehow have managed to never assault a cab driver, destroy someones personal property, or flee from the police And maybe it would be a better society without her working with patients. Good catch btw OP.

Although laws vary from state to state, consistent examples of recognized unprofessional conduct with respect to alcohol consumption, known as impairment regulations, are limited to the sphere of medical practice i. Even more disturbing, a substantial number of male commenters also thought that rape and further violent abuse would serve as an appropriate retributive justice.

However, if Ramkissoon is suspended from her residency program before even getting to the state medical boardshe may very well be hard pressed to find a new program to complete her medical studies thus rendering her unable to complete her medical degree.

A drunk woman throwing a tantrum like a 5yr old is not prosecutable. Everyone in this photo treats patients with brain injuries.

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Women on the torture rack Email or Phone Password Forgot account?
Sex in human video She has since made the media rounds to be forgiveness, but the public isn't having it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I doubt the alcohol had anything to do with her behavior, it really seems like a simple case a spoiled, elitist, arrogant narcissistic big nose bitch, who isn't accustomed to being told "no".
ORIENTAL NUDE PICTURES People behave badly and this whole website wants to ruin their entire life.

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