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Also super sketch that she said she had a five minute panic attack from being licked but immediately afterwards agreed to continue.

Forgot Username or Password? It's just lazy and cheap. They seem to have so much in common! Super hot Japanese girls flashing.

I wonder if she is going to make Landau into her "bitch boy" now. College sex party nude. That just happened yesterday. The post got out and moo did her usual bullying black mail nonsense and Nana then had to make a tweet saying 'noooo Moo was toootally caring and loving and perfect' ignoring that her first post obviously shat on moo. Nana bear nude. Would love to see her fuck up one of the few relationships she has left.

I don't think all the posts are by him. But Tenleid was speaking out about it, pretty much outing a lot of his crazy controlling behavior. Yirico is just the typical cringy weeb who was bullied throughout high school and thinks she tough shit because she thinks she's one of the popular kids now. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well.

Saged for OT drama but Gabby is equally as shitty and 2 faced as Mariah is at this point. Moo has claimed that Jessica is her Cosplay Mom, and Jessica has been more than happy to give Moo attention as Moo's favor means parties, gifts, and sometimes outright cash money. Www louisville backpage com. And tbh I feel guilty now for defending moo back then. I can't get over how ignorant Gabby is being because she wants to pick and choose who this is about.

Sabrina recently got into deep, deep shit for accidentally confirming that Moo has had liposuction, something that she quickly pulled as Mariah is quick to rain down the fury on slip ups by her pals. Gonna give some backstory here. Allison Parker BG 2 weeks ago - Snapchat. Just report everything that's unsaged clearly it's a WK or a personal friend. All approval and removal of content are up to the Moderator's arbitrary judgement.

Probably a nitpick but with her being lewd model and all, such a mark is pretty gross and unforunate. I always have a narrative in my head when I watch them being snowflakes: Legal age teenager screwed also hard to bear. She's like "stop giving vamp attention, look at my ass!! Not even these uglies want to be seen with her. But thanks for calling me a twat heh. Krissy and Momo used to seem close and now there's barely any interaction between them.

The one with the fucked hair and glasses. Anime naked sex videos. I'm just… Wow please stop.

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There has to be a better way to waste time.

She should've just gotten a zentai suit like her bestie Moomoo does. I don't doubt that they may lurk but not everyone is them. The art of vagina. Nana bear nude. Does momo just tell anyone she got lipo? Can you post caps of her "going ham" against Luna? Japanese chicks practicing Asian nude. Seems like she's been in "the right community", yknow, stealing things and bullying https: Don't think he's a rapist, just not a good dude. All approval and removal of content are up to the Moderator's arbitrary judgement.

The page you are trying to access: Did mostflogged and megamarines have some beef between them? This ain't gonna be pretty. He takes the time to come on here and try to defend himself by pretending to be someone else. Stop trying to white knight yourselves.

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Lisa likely only knows Mariah on the surface level. Is that her knee or the side of her thigh?? We can all see from her stories that she has been eating carbs. I made 2 of the loonie threads ffs and the only reason I got involved with that shit was because of defending these cows here, including sss.

It was event after the Brinni incident. Black female escorts los angeles. Doesn't seem Holly T Wolf even wants to keep associating with her, haha. Thought the term was cleaver glad it took off. I figured it was a fake fanservice relationship. The heat should be on these two until the others do something remotely milky. Rae said he only picked her cheek then later it comes out that he went down on her.

I don't know how it got shit up so bad. Lmao Luna getting her equally mentally insane mom to post about her in threads where no one gives a shit about her existence. He could be doing the same thing who knows but honestly I don't know him. Naked asian nipples. According to her side, she did tell him. Moo and the other chick are just kind of there. Saged for OT drama but Gabby is equally as shitty and 2 faced as Mariah is at this point.

The real milk I feel we should all be interested in is what happened between Momo and Sabrina after sabrina outed her lipo. She has a really cute body shape but those implants do nothing for her.

I dont hate stretched ears but instead of wearing pieces that match the cosplay she's in she'll just leave her stretched holes flopping about. Krissy and Momo used to seem close and now there's barely any interaction between them. For the most part it revenge and bullying online and one day I hope it dies and you people get more productive with your own lives. Also you make a lot of passive aggressive subtweets that make people feel like you're a drama queen.

Guys who bash fatties will fuck them if it's laid out in front of them. Love how her new calves used to shit on her or moo has shit on them in some way.

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Tumblr staff argued that the change was intended to combat "misattribution". I was having a Moody day, but now it's all Siriusly awesome! Searching terms like "depression", "anxiety", and "suicide" on Tumblr now brings up a PSA page directing the user to resources like the national suicide lifeline , and 7 Cups ; as well as an option to continue to the search results.

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