Feng's Noodle Shop

The 'Far Eastern Navigation Guild' was outlawed in the late 22nd century for their use of mind altering substances that were alleged to expand consciousness and simulate time stasis. Members were hunted down and executed by the First Regime, and their existence was thought to have been eradicated.

In Lower Mesopotamia, or 'LoMes', a small and relatively unobtrusive noodle shop appeared. It became popular for an extremely spicy variety of cold ramen that was said to improve reflexes, perception and even virility. It was also a very popular hangout for off-world types, specially among pilots and navigators.

It was quite an unusual shop as it had a very rare Duralloy 7N blast shutter and a Gris-Hakami Tri-Lock Securi-Door. Other than that, 'Feng's Noodle Shop' was not a place that called much attention to itself.

Created by Lyrra and Moebius.

Broker: DAZ 3D