Free Square Soda Can

Posable props for Poser and DAZ|Studio. There are four props in the package Dyscola, ArcticFreeze, Demonade, and Label Blank (use as a base for making your own flavours). The pack includes 4 texture maps, one for each of the three flavours, and a blank label version, used as a bump map and for use as a base for your own brand labels. A texture template is also included.

The pack also includes some fairly simple P5 materials files and two sets of DAZ Studio materials presets, one for the basic DS shaders, and (DzDef) and one for the enhanced shaders available as a free download at (DzGlossMetal).

The props work as is in P5 and DS, P6 users should have no problems with them, P4PP users may need to adjust the material settings slightly, P4 users will need to convert Cola-UV-Blank.jpg to a .bum file.

If it all gets too much for you, select the Pulltab on a can, and open it with the dial provided, drink and chill!

Created by AestheticDemon and Moebius.

Broker: Poser Addicts