The word 'memon' is derived from the Arabic word 'mu'min', meaning "faithful."

This fast and flexible standard biped configuration mech comes with a base cockpit that can be docked to any number of mech types. This particular war mech design has two forward facing dual gun turrets mounted at the front of the main body. Used primarily for smaller ground targets such as mechanized infantry, although they can be used to great effect against airborne threats. The main dual cannons mounted on the right arm have an effective range of up to 8 kilometers, with kills recorded at up to 12 kilometers. The shield generator mounted on the left arm also has a double row of missiles that can be fired in tandem or simultaneously. Rockets mounted on the sides of the cockpit are fitted with several types of warheads, but are seldom used. There is also a rear hatch at the base of the mech that is used for deploying mines and other intelligent munitions.

The layers of duralloy, ceramatte and tensosteel armor provide excellent protection, which is further enhanced by the limited defensive repulsor shields that can withstand percussive blasts and help deflect and dissipate energy weapons by more than 80%.

The true strength of the Memon war mech is in its ability to function as part of a fighting phalanx reminiscent of battle units of ancient Greece and Rome. A typical Memon phalanx will have at least seven war mechs fighting alongside a full complement of Dystopian Drone Troopers.

Created by Lyrra, Valandar, IceWolf and Moebius.

Broker: DAZ 3D